Our famous Karaman Malvasia of Dubrovnik is the winner of the World of Malvasia competition and a prestigious Champion of the World with 92.25 points.

You will be a dear friend in our wine room, where we will tell you the documented stories from the first book about Malvasia in Croatia while you will be sipping the Malvasia wine as sweet as nectar. The book tells about the history of the wine and dates it to 1383 and times of Dubrovnik Republic. Our Malvasia is like a fairy poured into the inconceivable wine essence.

Awards and market affirmations are the proof of the oenologist and owner Niko Karaman giving Malvasia wine a renowned status and value since it has not drowned in the mediocre.

The wine room is set in the magnificent landscape surrounded by the Rector's Palace and the Franciscan Monastery, both dating from times of Dubrovnik Republic, and the vineyard of Malvasia, the mother to other vineyards of Malvasia of Dubrovnik.

We will walk together through the vineyard; it is the very first spot where we start making our wine. Visit us and feel the overwhelming fragrances and taste of the South. Our wines tell our story.

Our sweet Malvasia wine called Prošek will tantalize your taste buds.


Malvasia or Sweet Malvasia as I call her affectionately. It is the greatest challenge I have ever undertaken.

I might have chosen many paths in life and business, but this one has called to me uncompromisingly.

She is not my job. Malvasia has designated me as her champion to return the spirit of the forgotten past and provide her with the throne she has deserved since 1383.

We have succeeded; me and her. She has been enthroned to the top of the world of Malvasia, where she shines with the most beautiful golden glow. All the efforts, sacrifice, labour, knowledge and love have been returned in her full seductive body.

She is my lifestyle.



Rarely has the wine played an important role in the life of the medieval City-State as Malvasia did in times of Dubrovnik Republic and still does in the modern Dubrovnik. The State Archives in Dubrovnik keep the manuscripts of the existence and significance of Malvasia.

The following are a few interesting events that will show you the living presence of its past. In 1385, a nobleman of Dubrovnik asks the permission from the authorities to purchase Malvasia. This event follows a sequence of legal acts that do not allow Malvasia in free sale. It is a wine to enjoy and not a wine to devour. In 1424, the Grand Council rules that Malvasia can be sold at free rate. All other wines had a proscribed selling rate. In 1699, the Book about Wine, kept in the Capuchin Monastery, told about the preparation of medicinal wine like Malvasia.

Malvasia of Dubrovnik is a medicinal wine! Malvasia was privileged to the noblemen and was not sold in taverns where the commoners could have bought it. Malvasia of Dubrovnik inspired artists, painters and writers.

The truth about Malvasia comes from the direct archival heritage.

Malvasia is wine that tells history!


Malvasia of Dubrovnik was repressed in the beginning of Croatian independency, nearly on the verge of extinction due to the specific care it required and the Homeland War.

Niko Karaman, oenologist and owner, grew up in family that was traditionally into wine-growing and wine-making. In the end of the Homeland War, he saved this grape from extinction. He spread its significance and quality throughout the vineyards of Konavle. From the three healthy wines he discovered, he grew his first vineyard of Malvasia of Dubrovnik.

He brought his friends and professors from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, Dr. Edi Maletić, Dr. Ivan Pejić, Dr. Jasminka Karoglan Kontić, and Dr. Nikola Mirošević, to Konavle to cooperate on the project of revitalization and protection of Malvasia of Dubrovnik together with the State Archives in Dubrovnik.

Karaman Malvasia of Dubrovnik is a renowned wine in Dubrovnik that has contributed to revitalization of the rare grape and wine scene of the historic city alike.

Niko returned its nearly forgotten and uprooted throne from times of Dubrovnik Republic, gave it the title of the Champion of the Malvasia World.

Our wines


Malvasia of Dubrovnik is a strong and full-bodied wine, gentle and vibrant, that brings nice freshness. Malvasia is pure, golden yellow with green reflection. Wine possesses extremely sort-specific aroma that makes it unique and irresistible, discerning it from all other Southern sorts. Our Malvasia bouquet offers an enticing range of the South, orange blossom, citrus, peach, apricot, almond. Wine is harmonious and juicy.

This wine dominates the wine lists of the best restaurants and luxury hotels in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. Once you try it, you will not be able to resist it.


Prošek is a traditional sweet wine of Dalmatia whose making process starts by natural air drying of the grapes of Malvasia of Dubrovnik on racks. This is the true wine of Dubrovnik.

Prošek is extremely pure, old gold in colour, of complex fragrance and seductive aroma with firm body and lots of dry extract, strong and with high alcohol levels that suit it well.

Our Prošek is extremely aromatic, fragrant wine. Aroma reminds us of dry fruit, raisin, orange peel, melon and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The bouquet is sweet, intense, and strong, with fresh acids, dominated by the aroma of date, elderberry, almond and baked apple.

Karaman Prošek is a wine at Dubrovnik's measure. Our wine possesses a soul.


The new space of our wine room has been shining gloriously partly due to the great support from our dear friend, Antonia Rusković Radonić, an academic painter passionate about customs and traditions of Konavle.

Beauty, nature and knowledge have blended harmoniously with the refined rural tradition.

Dim colours, stone, wooden beams and floors warm up the space. The furniture is made up of barrels, chests that used to keep linen, and display cabinets that have been collected from old houses of Konavle. Starched knitted works protect the shelves that hide Malvasia of Dubrovnik, candle holders and many other details make the wine room a rustic gentlefolk's entertaining parlour.

The wine room was lovingly made into the measure of Malvasia of Dubrovnik. There it glitters becomingly as gold in glasses; the gold-awarded international champion of the World of Malvasia.

Come and enjoy Malvasia that pampers the taste buds and brightens up the soul.

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